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Practice Areas

Representing Employees

David J. Fried & Associates represents employees pursuing various claims, including “whistleblower” claims, FMLA leave requests, disability leave and accommodation requests, claims of all types of discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodation and education. We also negotiate favorable terms of separation for managers and executives, severance packages, employment contracts; non-competition and confidentiality agreements. We practice before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination; state and federal court; and before state and federal agencies such as the Merit System Control Board.

Compliance Work

Nearly all employers want to obey the law and treat their employees fairly, in the interest of a good working environment, productivity and the bottom line. Too often they find themselves embroiled in unnecessary, expensive and painful disputes that take time and attention away from their real business. David J. Fried & Associates can help your small business prevent disputes before they happen and manage them when they do. We make sure that you the employer understand your obligations and responsibilities and have good policies in place. We do compliance audits, prepare Employee Handbooks and other essential policies, and train supervisors and managers. We provide step-by-step advice for managing and, if necessary, disciplining employees fairly and without incurring liability.

Higher Education – Disciplinary Matters

When undergraduates and graduate students are charged with offenses under the academic code of their school, they often find it a disorienting and frightening experience.  Often colleges and universities fail to observe the procedures set forth in their own rules or to abide by elementary concepts of due process and fundamental fairness. Students are not properly informed of the charges against them or given an adequate chance to respond.  Matters drag on, and students do not know when to expect a resolution.  Penalties may be capricious or out of proportion to the offense.   With legal representation, students can insist on their right to fair and transparent proceedings and can present their case properly.  We have had great success in negotiating better outcomes, including the dropping of charges and the restoration to their studies of students who have been unfairly dismissed.  When necessary we have litigated academic discipline cases in state and federal court.

Criminal and Civil Appeals

We have a long and successful record in both civil and criminal appeals. Having originally defended many criminal appeals for the Brooklyn District Attorney, David Fried has been appointed by the Committee for Public Counsel Services to appeal numerous convictions.


David J. Fried & Associates handles most cases for an hourly fee. On rare occasions, contingency arrangements can be negotiated. We require a moderate retainer as an advance payment for time and costs. Retainers are deposited in our Client Trust Fund, are kept separate from operating funds, and are billed against each month. David J. Fried & Associates offers a discounted first consultation.


Mr. Fried graduated from Cornell University, and received his J.D. from Harvard Law School. He began his career as a litigator in private practice specializing in property issues, including landlord-tenant conflicts, condominium conversions, zoning and eminent domain. Mr. Fried served for eight years as Deputy Counsel to Charles J. Hynes, District Attorney of Kings County (Brooklyn), working in public administration, discrimination law, and labor law in a union and civil service environment.